Indian Head Massage
tension headaches headaches tension 

eyestrain sinusitis

neck shoulder back pain

Indian Head Massage has been an integral part of Indian family life for thousands of years and forms part of the ancient Ayurvedic medicinal system.  The techniques used for maintaining health and wellness have been handed down over the generations.

It is an ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone as it is a safe, simple yet effective therapy.  The therapy is performed whilst you sit, fully clothed in a comfortable chair and is suitable for all the family. The therapist stands behind you and works over the scalp, ears, neck, shoulders,upper back and face, helping to balance the prana or energy.

Oils may be used for additional benefits.

shoulder and back pain

Benefits may include: congestion hair growth

  • relief of eyestrain & headaches
  • increased circulation to head and neck
  • physical revitalisation
  • relief of sinusitis, congestion and insomnia
  • improved muscles tone and mobility to area
  • reduced mental and physical strain
  • improved toxin removal
  • stimulation of hair growth
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